TheNational Engineering Research Center for Coal Preparation and PurificationNERCCPP was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in December 2011. This approval was based on the construction of the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT)and passed the acceptance reviewby the Ministry of Science and Technology in April 2016. NERCCPP is an independent secondary organization ofCUMT.

Since the approval of NERCCPP, there have been discussions pertaining to the national demand for clean, efficient, and sustainable development of coal and the key technologies and major engineering problems pertaining to coal (mineral) processing. The purpose of these discussions was“leading and supporting” science and technology development in the field of coal processing and clean purification.The main research and development tasks wereefficient coal and mineral separation,dry separation and water-saving coal preparation,coal quality optimization and collection, and purification and treatment of mine and industrial wastewater, low quality coal upgrading and secondary resource development. The advantages of the disciplines and talents offered byCUMT allowed research to be carried out pertaining to the systematic application oftechnology research and developmentindustrialization promotion through the combination of independent innovation and production, learning and research.

Prof. Qingru Chen and Prof. Jiongtian Liu, who are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, were employed to offer academic guidance and the chief scientist respectively. The director responsibility system under the leadership of the Administrative Committee was implemented. There is presently a laboratory (including a pilot system) area of 7500m2, more than 30 large precision instruments (with aunit price of more than 400,000 Yuan each)and 14 pilot systemsonan internationally advanced level. The total value of the fixed assets is close to 45 million Yuan. There is a total of more than 110 research and development personnel, which consists of 63 permanent staff, 2 academicsfrom the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 National Outstanding Youth Fund winners, 3 special professors of the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program, 1 National youth scientific and technological innovation leader, 1 national outstanding youth fund winner, and more than 20 qualified personnel above provincial and ministerial level. There are more than 22 postdoctoral studentsand more than 200 doctoralandmaster’s degree students at NERCCPP.

Five years of research and development have enabledNERCCPPto be exceptionally well-developed in the fields of scientific research, technological research and development and achievements promotion, platform and base construction, and personnel training.86 national, provincial, and ministerial level scientific research projects such as theNational 973 Plan and National Science and Technology support Plan have been undertaken, nearly 300 enterprise entrustment projects additionally. The cumulative scientific research funds allocated to the center amounts tomore than 100 million Yuan.The members of NERCCPP have received 2 national standards for participation in the compilation, 1 second prize for National Technological InventionAchievement, 1 second prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress, and 15 awards for provincial and ministerial level and trade association. Moreover, 28 doctoral graduates and 180 master’s degree students have been trained at NERCCPP.

NERCCPP will continue to make positive contributions to promoting clean and efficient use of coal, energy saving and emission reduction, and reducing environmental pollution in China.